With influences ranging from punk rock and electronica to jazz and modern classical music, Bionica has been said to “defy stale genres and produce fresh, thoughtful music.” Rich harmonic structures, soaring melodies carried by dual lead vocalists, and high-powered drum beats give the group an unparalleled robust sound that breaks the musical mold. Mixing electronic and acoustic sounds, Bionica blends ethereal with earthy.

Bionica released their debut EP “Take Your City” in 2010 which has been described as offering “…a glimpse into the endless possibilities the future holds for musicians” [Where Y’at Magazine] and leaves the listener “…well worked out musically” [Offbeat]. The band is a sinuous mix of precision and grit, playing through meticulous arrangements that still groove irresistibly. Swapping guitars for multiple keyboards and vibraphone, their sound lends itself to being futuristic and multilayered. Their lyrics speak to a strong socio-political introspect in both the music and members. They evoke a consciousness that challenges the modern status quo.

The band is planning a new LP release in the Spring of 2015.


Bionica is:

Jenna McSwain – lead vocals, keys
Rex Gregory – lead vocals, keys, effects
James Westfall – lead synth, vocoder, vibraphone
Devin Kerrigan – electric bass
Nick Solnick – drums & grooves



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Lori Cox said

    Love-love-love the new website – you kids are awesome. Can’t wait to see you in Texas again. Send me 10 CDs and tell me where to send my check!!!!!

  2. Charles said

    my new favorite band. I will get you guys gigs in the north

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