Subsidized Oil Exploration in an Era of Climate Calamity

October 15, 2015

Cash-strapped governments worldwide are throwing vast amount of resources into a zero-sum game. Known oil reserves are already over 3x what’s “safe to burn” (meaning, what would reach what the international community has deemed “acceptable” levels of global warming). Meanwhile G20 countries spent $88 billion looking for more reserves. That all spells global catastrophe. We should be engaging in a herculean transformation of the world economy and instead are speeding gingerly into ecological collapse. This is just one example of how that’s happening.

Climate change is an issue that hit home for me this summer. I have a child, one I had to start strolling around to get to sleep at 4 months on. The heat seemed unnaturally oppressive. Turns out July was the hottest month ever recorded in the ~250 year history of record. Here’s a short list few regional heat records set. In New Orleans we were a day off of tying the second longest streak of 90+ degree days. This alone doesn’t prove global warming exists of course, but I’m convinced the evidence is incontrovertible.

As someone who writes songs about the future, there comes the necessity to think, “what does that future actually look like”? We forge the future, action by action, and what we think is someone else’s problem is in fact everyone’s problem. It’s actually up to everyone to come up with solutions, starting with but not limited to how we’re voting with our dollars and how we’re voting at the ballots.

There’s a climate conference in Paris starting November 30th and it’s up to everyone to have their voices speak up. Otherwise, we’ll just have another bad compromise that benefits the people that are sending us into the abyss. Another round of jaded politics, another dose of disillusionment, another fade into complacency. We don’t have time for this anymore. 


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