Future Settlers

October 8, 2015

Kicking the blog back in action… the bones of an unrealized dream of the band…

We’re about to release a record called “Future Settlers”. It’s been a journey to this point for sure, and we’re so happy to finally share the fruits of our labor. We’ll be putting the dates out there and such, and soon you’ll get to hear where we’ve been in the past however long it’s been.

I guess we’ve moved faster than we could invest in the band in some sense. Life happened quickly for many of us and we didn’t really get the feedback loop happening that would theoretically drive it all into the public sphere.

Future Settlers… you can hear the title track here

The idea was to imagine history as a whole. What it came down to for me was something very personal, very basic. “I was here” or “this is what I did” is maybe the summation of history. Of course it’s a bit more complicated than that. History is littered with the dead, and we only know the dead’s memory from what has been handed down to us. Someone else passed on those words. When you’re dead, you don’t have a say. We speak for the dead.

That’s where the lines “bones for the future” comes from. Reading books of dead authors to me sometimes feels like sifting through the bones of the past. I flesh them out, but not the same as they were fleshed out. That’s impossible. I’m always looking through the lens of my living present moment, not Whitman’s or Hemingway’s or Homer’s or Descartes’.

Imagining a future right now is scary for me. More on that later too. But the song I wanted to embody a feeling of home. “This is where I am”. “This is where I was born”. “This is my fate and my legacy”. “This is what I have”.

To embody a future is to believe in it. I heard a Patti Smith interview on On Point today, and she spoke beautifully about being enthusiastic. “Belief is a kind of enthusiasm”. I’m paraphrasing very badly. She read out of her book after one of the blunt questions Tom has a talent for putting. To want to live is the essence of believing in the future I think.

Well that’s it, off to bed.



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