this is rex, the rhythm keyboardist of the band, and on behalf of bionica, let me be the first to welcome everybody to

i got so excited about the new page that i nearly peed myself. instead of doing that, i channeled all of my energy into some new fliers about some really cool upcoming shows we’re doing with even MORE new repertoire. it’s looking like we’ll get a chance to really stretch on these upcoming gigs, sharing the bills with less bands and having more space to play. nothing against our comrades in rock, of course! we’ve gotten to share the bill with some really great bands…

which reminds me of the blue nile last saturday! thanks to everybody who came out and supported us! thanks also to the new orleans indie rock collective for giving a chance to give it to all of those people on a saturday night at the blue nile. awesome!

our nearest foray into the musical fray comes on october 18th. that’s a circle bar gig, and yes, you’re attending.

only 4 days after that, on the 22nd of october, we’ll kick off back at the cafĂ© prytania with a lineup that will feature at this point an unnamed special guest in the place of our fearless leader, who cannot be present.

in november, we hit a small texas tour which will be destined to go down in history as the day rock came back to texas. details on that will be forthwith…

i hope everybody is enjoying the cool weather we had today and hopefully will have tomorrow. it’s just turned 5am, i think no more fliers can physically squeeze out of my person, so i will leave it at these.

sweet bionic dreams


upcoming shows

circle bar flier

prytania cafe flier


8 Questions with Bionica

September 29, 2009

Here is an interview Bionica did for the New Orleans Indie Rock Collective.

“8 Questions With Bionica”

The New Bionica Site…

September 29, 2009

So I folded up dreamweaver and went indie rock by going wordpress.

Bionica will start keeping a blog where different members of the band will contribute our latest excursions, promote important performances, and even have the platform to rant/rave about their likes/dislikes… a forum to “hang up your hangups.”

The music will be up very soon. The Bionica CD is moving onto the next step in the mixing process. If we can get the funds together, ideally the cd will be released in November.